About Our Authors…..


Melinda Shofner

Melinda Shofner lives in Barrington NH with her husband Darren and two children, Maia and Max. Two dogs, a cat and a tortoise are also part of the family.   

After adopting a puppy from the South and wanting to help but knowing they can’t keep them all, Melinda and family began fostering for Mary’s Dogs Rescue and Adoption in Northwood, NH.  This led to Melinda, Maia and Max volunteering regularly at the rescue during the quarantine required when dogs first arrive from out of state. This story was inspired by not only all the various shapes and sizes of wonderful dogs that travel North to find their forever homes but the many selfless, dedicated rescuers along the way. 

When not hanging with dogs, Melinda enjoys her job as a high school counselor.


All illustrations are copyright Karen Busch Holman 2018