Menu of Services

We have lots to offer to help you publish and sell your book!  You can select from the menu below.  Start with one or two items.  As we progress you can add what you need.  It is our mission to help you fulfill your dream of publishing your manuscript.  

We are happy present you with our menu of services with associated fees upon request.

Review of Children’s Book Manuscript and Initial Consultation

Review of Novel(fiction/non-fiction) and Initial Consultation

Review of Manuscript by an Editor 

You can choose Holly Young or use an editor of your choice

(You hire and work directly with Holly or your own editor)  

Illustrations for Manuscript

Photo Editing for Publication

Scanning of Illustrations

Design of Book

Obtaining Pricing from Printer

Coordination with Printer

Pick up of Books

We encourage you prepare your manuscript to the best of your ability before submitting.  We do not get involved in the writing process.  We will allow up to 2 edits after the file has been placed in our program.  After that, there will be an hourly charge for revisions.  

We are happy to handle your entire project, or bits and pieces.  We prefer to use our recommended printer, but that is your choice. If you prefer to get the publication printed yourself, you are welcome, although Karen Busch Holman retains all copyright information for her illustrations so will need to approve all printing and marketing of her work.