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Lucy Bermingham

Lucy spent most of her childhood growing up in New Rochelle, NY pursuing her passion of ballet; studying in Larchmont, NY and in New York City. She graduated from Mt. Holyoke College with a BA, majoring in dance. Hers was the 1st class offering a major in that field. She was one of only five other students with this focus at that time.

While attending Mt Holyoke College, she took her junior year off and performed professionally in Europe and the Middle East. She subsequently returned to complete her degree. 

After college, Lucy settled down with husband, Tom. As 4 children arrived, the family resided in Ridgewood, NJ where she taught ballet, choreographed the high school musicals and opened a dance shop. 

Tom’s business brought the family to London, UK where having more free time, Lucy began working on her Masters Degree in Dance Studies at the Laban Center, London under the auspices of the City University of London. 

Five years later, back in NYC, Lucy began teaching at St. John’s University in Queens, NY and has added a distance-learning course in the Dance Department at Mt. Holyoke College to her course load.

Her 1st book was inspired by the antics of her children and deals humorously with family dynamics. The arrival of her 2 grandchildren has changed her focus to books that create a fun way to learn vocabulary and facts. The 3 Tickety Boo Books; The Ocean, The Zoo and Bugs are aimed at a younger audience while the Mythology book and with 2 more to follow are geared to ages 6-9.

Lucy and Tom split their time between NYC and Tuxedo Park, NY where she can accommodate the growing family.



Accolades to Lucy!  

Even during the Pandemic, Lucy finds a way to add cheer and happiness in the world!

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