Hwin&LittleBear Press



Little Bear

Their first meeting

Hwin trying to keep up

Best friends

Santa Hwin

I don’ t like snow.  Every year I hope it won’t snow but Mother Nature has not been listening.

Peppermint Patty!  Patty is a tiny little terror.  We can’t decorate our Christmas trees anymore because she plucks off all of the bows and ornaments in the middle of the night.

And this is Buddy!  He is a Morkie Poo.  A very silly dog.

Hwin’s stall connects to our insulated and heated garage where I tried setting up my studio - a bit like the Mr. Ed show and I am totally giving away my age with that one.  She kept trying to steal the paint tubes off of my work table and I was staying up way too late for her. It was also too buggy, so I am back inside and Hwin is getting her sleep.

Tyler home for a visit. We all miss him!

We’ll post more later……..